Semalt Suggests A Web Scraping Service

The web scrapers are meant to extract data from different websites and ease the crawling process. They are made in Python, Java, Ruby, C++ and other programming languages and are also called data extractors or web harvesters. Here we have shared a comprehensive list of best web scraping software on the Internet.


Scrapebox is not only a web scraper but also a comprehensive SEO tool. It is suitable for SEO companies, freelancers, and webmasters; some of its unique features are search engine crawling, keyword harvesting, proxy harvesting, comment posting, and link checking. Plus, this tool checks page rank, creates RSS feeds, extracts email addresses, finds unregistered domains, and performs dozens of tasks. Scrapebox is suitable for both personal and professional uses.

This web scraping software has been around for quite some time. lets you turn web pages into a suitable API with just a few clicks. It makes it easy for you to pull information from the web. It has plenty of features and can handle both complex and simple sites simultaneously.


iMacros is one of the best data extractors on the Internet. It allows you to collect and scrape data as per your requirements. This tool tests and downloads the text, images, and videos. With iMacros, you can import or export the information to XML and CSV files. It is suitable for businessmen and enterprises and performs multiple tasks at the same time.


Scrapy is one of the most famous web scraping services. It is a high-level web crawler, used to structure and organize information of different websites and blogs. Some of its most famous functions are data processing, information mining, and historical archives. It lets you get benefited from its well-defined API and makes your work easier.


Mozenda is suitable for small, medium and large-sized businesses. It is a powerful web scraper and captures content from different web pages conveniently. With Mozenda, you can collect and organize the information in an effective manner. Its cloud-based architecture ensures rapid deployment, and scalability to an extent. It requires no maintenance and can perform multiple tasks in an hour.


PromptCloud is known for its customized web scraping and crawling features. It lets you crawl and scrape lots of data from multiple sources in more than 130 languages. The data can be saved or downloaded on your hard drive for offline uses. You can target review websites, discussion forums, social media sites and news outlets with this tool. PromptCloud acts as a powerful crawler and regularly index your web pages for better search engine rankings.


ParseHub is licensed by Debuggex, Inc. It is one of the best, powerful and famous web scraping services. This Chrome extension is used to turn dynamic sites into readable and scalable information. For programmers and developers, this tool provides full control over the structure of data.


WinAutomation is licensed by Softomotive Ltd. It is a comprehensive automation tool that allows you to automate the repetitive tasks. It makes data extraction, and web crawling easier and provides accurate results. This device is relatively new and has plenty of features: you can save extracted data in Excel file or Google Drive for your ease. You can also export data to XML, RSS and JSON formats.